New Color Toner Available from Pelikan
Publish Date: 28/05/2014
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Pelikan Hardcopy announced the release of the alternative toner for Brother’s HL-3140, HL-3150 and HL-3170 machines. 

According to the Recycler, the toner—which is developed and manufactured in Pelikan’s production plant in Switzerland—is available in 60g bottles and 10kg bags. Pelikan says it guarantees the consistency and high quality of the new product. 

“As a market leader Pelikan Hardcopy Production AG has achieved excellent quality, thanks to heavy investment in research and development. All its products are developed and manufactured in own manufacturing plants in Europe,” adds Pelikan. “A team of toner specialists in R&D department continually works on the development of new toners and setting new quality standards in the aftermarket industry.” 

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