MPS Management Suite Incorporates Office Document Software
Publish Date: 28/05/2014
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Nubeprint announced its MPS management Cloud Print Suite (CPS) has integrated with the cloud based DOCassess assessment software of Office Document Consulting (ODC), an organization providing dealers and OEMs worldwide MPS/MDS support.

Regarding the partnership, Mike Lamothe, president of ODC, revealed, “Our desire to integrate with Nubeprint became a primary goal after a mutual customer of ours began utilizing Nubeprint’s MPS management tool. It became very apparent that the accurate information and reliable short and long term needs forecast provided by Nubeprint unlocked the full potential of our assessment software, DOCassess. The synergy of DOCassess and Nubeprint is a sure bet for any dealer or consultant looking to gain real control of the customers print environment.”

“Working with ODC’s technical team to maximize DOCassess’s technology by utilizing ALL of Nubeprint’s accurate information was pure joy. Nothing pleases me more than having a team that understands the importance of accuracy and the impact it can have on maximizing their great technology. The integration process was made efficient by utilizing our universal connector. The universal connector is compatible with any data transmission format existing in the market, making the transfer of data from Nubeprint to any ERP or any other software system an easy task,” said Antonio Sanchez, CEO of Nubeprint.

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