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Fair Go Please!—#162 20/10/2014

A UK based company calls on Canon to give it and other cartridge remanufacturers a fair go.

CEE Remanufactures Concern New-built and Clones 20/10/2014

The overall consumables market in Central and Eastern Europe declined by 6.4% year on year in the first half of 2014.

Lexmark Opens New Corporate Cartridges Line for EMEA 19/10/2014

Lexmark says the new line of Corporate Cartridgesis guided by the principles of zero waste and the circular economy. 

New Aftermarket Solution to Dongle Gear System 18/10/2014

Suzhou Goldengreen Technologies (SGT) showcased their patent pending solution to the Canon “Dongle" patents and amassed a great crowd at their booth with customers looking for a real solution to business stopping problem. 

Print-Rite Unveils New Gear Solution 18/10/2014

China-based Print-Rite launched its toner cartridges with PR-2 drum gear. The new release is claimed to be without the feature design involved in the Canon dongle gear case, free from the risk of patent infringement.